H2BE (Homage2be), a dedicated literary arts nonprofit organization, champions the celebration, honor, and promotion of Black excellence across all its vibrant forms, from art and literature to music. Through a comprehensive suite of services including nonprofit technology support and training, expert grant writing, cultural event organization, and strategic social content design and management, we empower organizations to amplify their digital and community impact. Our mission-driven approach ensures that every initiative we undertake or support magnifies the rich diversity and profound contributions of the Black community, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of its cultural legacy.

Board of Directors

The advisory board members of Homage2be (H2Be) play a pivotal role in steering the organization towards its mission of celebrating and promoting Black excellence in the arts. With a wealth of expertise across various fields, these members provide strategic guidance, support fundraising efforts, and offer insights on program development to enhance H2Be's impact. Their collective wisdom and dedication ensure that H2Be remains at the forefront of advocacy, education, and cultural celebration, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of Black artistic achievement.


James Ribbron specializes in forging meaningful partnerships and developing strategies that promote equity, community engagement, and economic growth


Dr. Kapilango at Homage2be (H2BE) spearheads the Digital Literacy Initiatives, Technology Training Support, and Social Content Design programs. These initiatives are designed to enhance digital competency, provide robust technology training, and craft impactful social content tailored to advance social justice causes. 


Marc Ingram brings a profound understanding of financial management and sustainability practices to H2Be, guiding the organization through strategic financial planning

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Our Mission

We empower individuals through digital literacy, fostering creativity in the literary arts. Our mission is to provide technology training, support cultural events, social content design and aid in grant writing.


Voices of Our Valued Clients

Anna Dewey Co-Founder of Littlefield Action for Social Justice Dearborn Resident

I am so grateful for Dr. Julia and all the work she does with H2BE. For Dearborn to begin to recover from our racist past, we need a nurturing, uplifting and safe environment for our Black neighbors to be heard and be celebrated. H2BE has bravely paved this way, and I hope that the presence of this organization and the awareness it is raising, can spread from Art Space to all corners of our city. Dr. Julia has done a phenomenal job bringing quality programs and events to Dearborn, celebrating Black art, voices, culture and music. Get to know H2BE. I learn something valuable each time I do.

Lorelei Muniz Dearborn Resident and co-founder of Littlefield Action for Social Justice

Homage to Black Excellence (H2BE) has been a tremendously valuable asset to Dearborn as our community reckons with and moves beyond the legacy of racism and segregation, a legacy that mirrors much of America. H2BE is dedicated to truth and reconciliation for the benefit of everyone and relationship building across all sectors. Uplifting the talent, resilience, beauty and joy within the local Black community is another pillar of H2BE’s contribution that has enriched the Dearborn community. We at Littlefield Action for Social Justice are grateful to partner with Dr. Kapilango and H2BE to continue to confront structural racism, promote equity and celebrate Black excellence in Dearborn.

Tracy Besek Dearborn Resident and Founder of Bike Dearborn

The creation of Homage 2 Black Excellence in Dearborn has been a key change maker in the City of Dearborn. Dearborn has a very contentious and public history in regards to race relations. It’s a very ugly past. H2BE acknowledges that past while embracing and capitalizing on our present diversity! Celebrating Black Excellence in Dearborn is a celebration that we can all embrace and amplify! Dr Julia Kapilango has put her heart and soul into growing the experience with many meaningful events! Art Gallery shows, Craft Shows, Black Experience presentations, and of course bring all those together for the Annual Juneteenth Celebration in the Heart of East Dearborn at the City Hall ArtSpace Lofts! Dearborn and Diversity walk hand in hand because of the work that Dr Julia Kapilango and her H2BE team does to bring all that to the community as a whole. It has been my honor on behalf of me and Bike Dearborn to write this testimonial about Homage 2 Black Excellence in Dearborn.

Dexter R. Sullivan Christ Follower and Founder of Black Legacy Advancement Coalition

The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition, with the unwavering support of H2BE and our community partners, is committed to not only envisioning a world of equality and opportunity, but actively constructing it. Together, we are laying the foundation for a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and unity.



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