Homage2be: Championing Black Excellence and Community Empowerment

Homage2be (H2BE) is dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and honoring Black excellence through a variety of initiatives, including our impactful Juneteenth events. These events unite people from all backgrounds to commemorate the end of Black slavery, highlighting the immense contributions and value of Black Americans. By showcasing Black excellence, we aim to promote a positive image of Black individuals and counter negative stereotypes.

As a dedicated literary arts nonprofit organization, H2BE champions the celebration of Black excellence across all vibrant forms of expression, from art and literature to music. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower organizations and individuals to amplify their digital and community impact. These services include:

Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll Parade: A Community Celebration for Southeast Michigan 

Our mission-driven approach ensures that every initiative we undertake or support magnifies the rich diversity and profound contributions of the Black community, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of its cultural legacy.

Key Event: Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll

One of our notable events is the Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll in Dearborn, Michigan. This event has significantly impacted the community by fostering collaboration between law enforcement and African American leadership. It has led to community conversations and initiatives aimed at truth and reconciliation, providing safe spaces for African Americans to share their experiences and promoting community safety and public forgiveness. The previous support from Mayor O'Reilly and Mayor Hamoud has enhanced peace and unity within the community.

Economic Empowerment and Community Engagement

H2BE also creates platforms for Black-owned businesses and organizations to showcase their products and services, fostering economic empowerment through networking. Over the past six years, our volunteers have dedicated their efforts to promoting Black excellence in Downtown Dearborn. We've designed community policing and public safety initiatives that bring together law enforcement and African American residents, workers, and travelers.

Impact and Recognition

The Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll, supported by the East Downtown Development Authority, has been instrumental in shifting the public narrative around Dearborn's Black population. Held at Michigan's largest art campus, this cultural event has increased African American attendance by 50% over the past three years, demonstrating its power to create positive change from a historically challenging past.

Tracking Progress and Celebrating Contributions

Through these cultural events, H2BE tracks the progress of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by measuring the number of participants and businesses involved and assessing the impact on the community. This comprehensive approach ensures that the contributions and achievements of Black Americans are recognized and celebrated, reinforcing their essential role in society. Our initiatives are deeply rooted in peace and love, aiming to foster a harmonious and inclusive environment where the rich legacy of Black culture is cherished and honored.

Join us at H2BE as we continue to empower, celebrate, and uplift the Black community through our dedicated efforts and transformative events, services and products. Together, we can amplify our voices and drive meaningful lasting life for a brighter, more inclusive future.